Friday, May 22, 2009

Stuart Hameroff

Stuart Hameroff is a leading proponent of the Quantum Mind. While most scientists are content in relating the mind to neural activity in the brain, Hameroff working with Roger Penrose have developed a theory that places the mind at the quantum level. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on the Conference (my discussions with him in Tucson three years ago started the process of hosting the Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference here in Hong Kong) and other media related projects. He is inspirational in his dedication to promoting Consciousness Studies (he heads the Tucson Center) and his work on the Quantum Mind.

The Quantum perspective move the goalposts for reductionists attempting to explain consciousness with neurons by applying their own methodology (neurons are made of atoms, atoms are made of sub-atomic particles, governed by quantum mechanics). Physicist David Bohm also presented this idea with his notion of an “implicate order.”

One of the significances of this is that the model leaves room (in the implicate order or at the quantum level) for non-deterministic effects such as free will as well as a “meaning” to all (God, etc.). Quite the character, Stuart give a great account of his reception at an “atheists conference” here: If you are interested in the on-going science vs. religion debates, videos of the presentations at the conference are available online as well:

Stuart's interest in Consciousness Studies stems from his professional career as an Anesthesiologist. He recorded a great welcome to the TSC Conference and Festival and provides a short primer here.


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