Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is Consciousness, How Does it Arise and What Does it Mean to You? You Decide - Post a Comment

Consciousness poses the most baffling problems in the science of the mind. There is nothing that we know more intimately than conscious experience, but there is nothing that is harder to explain. All sorts of mental phenomena have yielded to scientific investigation in recent years, but consciousness has stubbornly resisted. Many have tried to explain it, but the explanations always seem to fall short of the target. Some have been led to suppose that the problem is intractable, and that no good explanation can be given.
[David Chalmers - Facing up to the Problem of Consciousness Journal of Consciousness Studies 2(3):200-19, 1995]

About Consciousness Conference - Updates

Confirmed Speakers

Professor Stuart Hameroff on Quantum Consciousness

Dr Eric Pearl on The Essence of Healing

Dr Rebecca Lee on Consciousness In Environment - The Three Poles and Our Lives

Dr Stanley Block on Come To Your Senses - Every Day Awareness Tools To Transform your Life

Confirmed Workshops

Dr Eric Pearl with The Essence of Healing - Reconnection Level 1 Workshop

Dr Allan Combs with Synchronicity - The Law of Attraction

Dr Stanley Block with Mind Body Medicine for Professionals

Dr Masaru Emoto with:
1. Consciousness in Water - How our thoughts and feelings effect our reality
2. Hado - Water and life
3. Relationship Between Consciousness and Disease
4. My Philosophy on Life Learned From Water

Dr Stanley Block and Dr Yoshi Nakamura with
Stress Reduction, Morale Enhancement and Optimal Productivity: An interactive workshop helping corporations and employees to deal with current global financial crisis