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What is Consciousness, How Does it Arise and What Does it Mean to You? You Decide - Post a Comment

Consciousness poses the most baffling problems in the science of the mind. There is nothing that we know more intimately than conscious experience, but there is nothing that is harder to explain. All sorts of mental phenomena have yielded to scientific investigation in recent years, but consciousness has stubbornly resisted. Many have tried to explain it, but the explanations always seem to fall short of the target. Some have been led to suppose that the problem is intractable, and that no good explanation can be given.
[David Chalmers - Facing up to the Problem of Consciousness Journal of Consciousness Studies 2(3):200-19, 1995]


  1. Consciousness is the I Am behind the I Am.

  2. Consciousness cannot be explained as something out there. It may have some correlations at neuronal, quantum mechanical or informational level but correlations not necessarily imply a cause. To find the cause we have to take experiential approaches.


    Three Civilisation Errors

    1. Genes of both genders permeate a baby's cells regardless of their gender plumbing.

    2. Libido generally thought to be in us from the very start, is really a post birth sexual genderising from the child's home environment.

    3. Adult relationship is to integrate 2) into 1). Libido Duality into expanded birth unity, thereby expanding Consciousness.

    Conception hugely multiplies cellular development of combined M/F over 9 months and when born into breathing reveals a new consciousness. This consciousness is then 'genderised' in 1/2 from the fullness of both parents in the womb. The genderising makes the baby 'attracted' to the love style vibrations emanating from other humans who have that part of the consciousness they experienced in the womb but are missing now. This charges a childs sexual gender libido energy. Libido is of 'Life Force' quality, having been generated by the M/F opposite gender excitement. This is the duality of the system from Puberty onwards.

    1. Cell building, heart beating, Consciousness arising from the parents past.

    2. Gender life force charge needing unification to evolve their future.

    When in Adult relationships, this sets up a Continuium between the Duality of conditional love Consciousness and the Unity of the unconditional love Consciousness.

    Conditional Consciousness is expanded towards unconditional by the Ego Libido melting back into the core heart/lungs breathing pulsation and cellular body feelings.

  4. HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – ‘The Fruit of Evolution’

    Conception to Birth The sperm/egg conceives a pulsation of Expanding and Contracting, that turns into a heartbeat. Cells grow from a Male and Female to make new different human. Cell reproduction is by dividing one into more than one. Not sexual, or gender. Conception completes a circle of enabling the new child to be unified in the conscious experience of both genders. For 9 months up to date human evolution is passed down in D.N.A. and genes, ready to move forward after birth. United, One, made from Two.

    Birth to Puberty Cell Making by Division continues using their own Air/water/food for blood. The body gets bigger and bigger.

    Gender Attraction opens the child to the human environment – and sex. This is where the world of opposites steps in with this new invisible “excitement” energy of gender and sexuality development – called ‘Libido’.

    Force 1 cellmaking is relatively stable, but Force 2 ‘attraction’ is driven by the childs home environment and very volatile. Good days energize the childs genitals. On bad days the attraction vibrations by pass the childs emotional system, and are processed by the childs evolving brain, in the gender of the opposite parent. By puberty the child has a dual power system. The Brain is the ‘adaptor’ to downsize the energy charge that the emotional system couldn’t handle and getting a lot of mental brain development on the way.

    Adult Life

    Force 2 Gender and Sexual libido has excited the system and given the brain a big job to fit the higher charge into the body that couldn’t manage it earlier.

    Force 1 This is the job now to work in harmony with the body , heart and core. That has done brilliantly, downloading Evolution’s consciousness gifts.

    Libido brings in Duality. This is a contraction that we call ‘Sublimation’. After sex/children/ and Ego ambition, libido needs decontraction to bring about a re-expanding of the charge, to grow more consciousness.

    Adults, seek, yearn for the intuitively remembered experience of the pre birth womb unity of both genders – which we call ‘Love’. Force 1 has got lost in the Sex and Gender of Force 2.

    Human Consciousness is ½ Female and ½ Male

    Made in the 9 months conception to birth. Birth to Puberty we are given a charge of new potential consciousness wrapped up in a birth gender and opposite gender. Opposite gender is sublimated into Brain intelligence, creativity and body tension. The charge is used for Energy, Reproduction and new consciousness, if one is able to digest it.

    To do this one has to own the new opposite gender charge in the brain that has been sublimated/transformed/contracted into Duality, from the original libido charge of Expansion.

    In simple terms, let go of the fixed tensions held in Opposites. Like

    voyeur/exhibitionist and other neurotic symptoms.

    Unity is wrapped inside the Duality of Opposites

    The good news is there is plenty of Libido to increase and expand consciousness, when unwrapped.

    In the case of a man, the female in his Brain must be released from contraction, for example, the need to be ‘Macho’ or ‘homophobic’ or ‘anti female’. These tensions must go because Consciousness can only be expanded with ½ male and ½ female, as it was in the beginning.

  5. My Experience Of Growing Into More Consciousness

    This I call Unity. See previous blogs.

    Yesterday, lunching at the ‘Naked Baker’ in discussion with my partner, Claire, she said I was negative. In my mind she was the negative one. Then it clicked, two people attracted to each other have opposite ways to get unity consciousness. She was showing me hers. The learning was “that the gap between us signals the contracted viewpoints needing expansion’.

    Our loving intimacy is able to express without anger. The perception click was realising that the gain of more expansion and therefore consciousness is far more important that who’s right or wrong.

    After a half hour meditation this morning it felt like integration of yesterday and I kissed Claire for being a gift of loves expansion as we contract our way through lifes negativities. The knowledge of more consciousness, was another click of knowing.

    Swimming this morning added more perceptions. I’d exercised my fitness through to the cellular expansion level. It feels like a deeper truth joins the body of my beliefs.

    Experiencing the love story musical ‘Miss Saigon’ at the theatre last night my mind wandered to my understanding of the love that grows out of womb with every cell reproducing a combination of mother/father. This keeps growing our body all of our life, with the non sexual heart pulsing the way.

    At the same time the libido is charging the body with “Do it my way” using ego, brain, sex, attraction and gender. This is the duality that brings through the negativity of opposite views.

    It’s great going about my daily life, aware that whatever I’m doing is helping my evolution. Also being open to the many clicks of understanding anytime. The forces that rotate stars, fire, the earths volcanos and make the sun shine, I haven’t got a clue about. Yet this power is downloading as much as I can handle, which is currently providing a logic for me about “The Mystery of Love” within my understanding of consciousness.

    The hearts cellular renewal ensures Love and Consciousness are half there with us all the time. The other half is there too, but wrapped in duality of gender, sex and ego opposites.

    Plenty of downloaded power is stored and the crinkled wrappings of negativity are always ready for unwrapping. They are also expandable to increased consciousness.

  6. Sex and Consciousness

    Consciousness is a Circle of Life created from Conception. The biggest universal power evolving this consciousness is what we call attraction

    Attraction includes the genderising that gives a human an impression of “less than whole” and needs the opposite gender for completing themselves inside this circle.
    Love is a product of attraction and gender.

    Attraction and Gender get together for Sex and turn invisible power into visible power of Sperm and Egg. Creating a full circle of new consciousness with a visible body.

    The post birth home environment charges a baby with stimulation between mother/son and father/daughter. Because both genders are involved, attraction/gender creates potential consciousness. The childs brain, genital and body are energized. Most goes to the brain, which now has the ability to ‘adapt’ the energy charge from the parents gender,to the childs (inversion).

    The psychological term nearest is Sublimation. In Chinese thought, ‘Yin turns into Yang’.

    Parents are unknowingly passing on to their opposite gender children, their Consciousness via, attraction. The Gender difference excites when interacting. This potential Consciousness energy, winds up as part of the childs storage of life force. This is when the incoming charge turns outgoing at Puberty (Libido).

    Because the universal charge of expansion arises from both genders separately, it is polarised into a Dual system. Consciousness only grows from the existing systems unity. It has not yet been grounded in the shift from invisible to visible, stimulation force to body.

    A million years back into our evolving history without attraction, reproduction was by cells dividing. This is still part of our system then gender and warm blood came along when reptilers came out of the sea breathing air instead of water. Instead of laying eggs ‘internal fertilisation’ put the Attraction of sexual intercourse on the list of ways to use the opposite gender body contact as an exciting “Turn On”.

    The big volume of energy increase has been in the Ape to Human period where the Brain has evolved adaptor power which can use opposite gender power to increase birth gender further into excitement.

    Some people think Gay and Lesbian are negative developments. In fact it is a statement of higher stimulation and therefore available to be transformed into more Consciousness/Unity.

    Currently the Pill and Vasectomy are reducing fear of reproduction. Viagra with the brains fantasy ‘turn on’ increasing the Attraction further to make recreation sex a pastime.

    Increasing Turn On for parents is passed onto the childs stimulation as well. Sex is leading the evolution of Consciousness. Sexuality is part of duality and must be worked through to Unity. Orgasm has an imploding inwards effect, as much as the sperm carrier explosion outwards. Men holding themselves rigid, or breath holding are stopping the implosion returning through the body with its emotional development.

    Penis pain is indicative of poor emotional capacity. Tears are a good sign. Sex is to open a person to their full force. Bodily, emotionally, consciously. Working through achieves an intimacy a Oneness with another human, rather than a sex partner.
    This has been my experience.

  7. Sex and Consciousness....continued

    The expanding universe expands through us via Attraction energy, this pulsates and is regulated by contractions which causes a system of Duality. Conception to birth sets in motion the conscious body. Evolved from opposites up/down, wet/dry, hot/cold to expand/contract cellular existence. Motion to Matter. “Mitosis” cell division stays with us all our life as mixed gender.

    Another system got going with Intercourse, heightening the invisible attraction between males and females (sexual libido) upping the potential for Consciousness but not yet grounded/integrated into the body consciousness (erogenous zones) still dual systems, where full consciousness is singular.

    It’s a bit of a worry because Duality could well be causing a great deal of human pathology. Leading to the ‘weakest link’ and shorter life spans. Its good that the systems evolved separately but now they need to pulsate together for harmony. Males tend to lead from their libido/brain side. Females from heart/body.

    Humanity has a long way to go to evolve to Unity Consciousness but, we have come a long way from the Apes. Instinctual Sexuality.


    My work is drawn from many sources, in addition to life’s experience.

    1. The Libido (force 2) is a wave between male and female internally. This wave of duality transforming into unity consciousness within the body as particle and matter (Force 1). This is also Quantum Theory.

    2) The brain fits the excess libido into the body via a Double Helix type curve. The unified circle of consciousness o (body) converts into a figure 8. A two circle duality. The curve converts opposite gender for use with the birth gender. This links in with DNA Theory.

    3) Even at birth a baby contains huge energies. More than enough to create the vibration and radiation of ‘Attraction’ to opposite gender humans.

    Einsteins E = MC2 covers this fully.

    4) Radiated ‘attraction’ starts libido making from birth onwards, with opposite gender humans. The childs open system is able to mix 2 gender stimulation till puberty closing. Chinese philosophy = extreme Yin can change to Yang and Yang to Yin, when the stimulation is too intense.

    5) Brain is an “Adaptor” to fit excess libido into the body because the child could not handle it emotionally.

    Here I’ve drawn from Sigmund Freud’s libido. ‘Sublimation’ is the brain adaptor though both are utilised differently.

    6) Darwin’s theory and its evolution has given me much. The big one being that we are still utilising “Mitosis” cell division as our basic process in the womb, and thereafter in the body. The pre gender, millions of years old process, still linking us to all cellular life.

    7) Ape to Human period is the brain development and at the same time sexual ‘turn on’ and now recreation sex, which is heightening transfer of attraction energy parent to child. Freuds work has been huge, with the pleasure principle and sexual neurosis.

    8) The brain excess libido goes into the body via nervous system, causing muscular contraction. Wilhelm Reich’s work on Body Armor helped. Also his work on sexual development. Orgasm.

    9) Involvement in mens groups, bio energetics, rebirthing, masters swimming, massage, Vipassana Meditation, core energetics, psychology. All have inspired.

    10) Picture Human Consciousness as a half inflated soccer ball, twisted up like a figure 8, when fully inflated the expansion doubles the balls size and Consciousness.

    I’m seeking a collaborator to join me, who sees the future where I’m looking, yet shines their light, further on the consciousness riddle. This would knock the formulation into better shape.

    Brian Alderdice

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